2020 Technology and Startup Predictions from the Experts

No one can predict the future, but it’s so fun to try! An annual rite of passage in Silicon Valley is taking the last week of December to post predictions for the coming year. These observations are often directionally informative and highlight the patterns the smartest folks are paying attention to. Below is a round-up of predictions […]

Saying Goodbye To Retail Friends: Dean & Deluca Closes

It was sad to walk into Soho’s Dean & DeLuca this past week and see the empty shelves indicating an impending shutdown.  As I pondered why in the world I felt an acute sense of loss over an overpriced grocery brand shuttering, I began to realize the emotional connection I have to place and to […]

Amazon Credit As Global Currency

One of my hidden secrets is that I’ve worked with a technical virtual assistant based in Ukraine for close to 10 years. He’s helped me on both personal and business projects ranging from coding to workflow automations.  Payment to Ukraine has always been an issue. I used to send payments via PayPal, but PayPal no […]

More Informed Does Not Mean Better Informed

I watched a recent webisode of Stocks and Scotch featuring Howard Lindzon, Felix Salmon and Henry Blodget discussing the current and future state of media. One of Henry’s comments stuck out to me: “We are better informed than ever” I’m not sure I agree. We are more informed for sure, but better, is less clear. Directionally, yes, […]

People Don’t (Easily) Change

I recently listened to a friend give a post-mortem on ending a business relationship with someone he was very close to, but who consistently refused to take personal responsibility for his actions. As we were talking, we reflected on some lessons life had taught us. One of my own is that people don’t easily change. […]