Are Entrepreneurs and Investors Really Worth the Same?

I just came across an event taking place tomorrow called VC Outlook 2008. From the website:

“Join leading Corporate VCs, Investment Bankers, Venture Capitalists, Angel Investors, and chief executives of emerging companies at New York’s annual VC Outlook presented by youngStartup Ventures…”

While there are many of these types of events in NYC, this one struck me as bizarre based on the ticket pricing:

venture capital conference pricing new york city NYC VC

It seems odd to me that VCs and Entreprenerus would be valued the same: one should always be more, right?

In theory you play these two off each other like a twisted variation on the prisoner’s dilemma. Either you charge investors zero — or pay them — and have a really great group of VCs show up (in which case entreprenerus will pay lots for the chance to pitch) or you invite premier entrepreneurs who you charge next to nothing, and then charge big bucks to the VCs to attend.

However, I would think that charging $150 to each party is just a stalemate: you get subpar attendees from both sides*

*no offense to anyone attending! :)


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