An Analysis of New York City Venture Capital Investors

I recently got my hands on a database of New York City venture capitalists and was able to run some numbers. Altogether the list represented 29 firms and 259 VC’s. Despite opinions to the contrary – at least in New York – it certainly helps to have an MBA and in particular, have attended Harvard Business School…how east coast :)

Some Stats:

  • Only 9.6% of NY- based VCs are women
  • Of the 250 who had listed their undergraduate alma maters 41% attended an Ivy League school
  • 140 (56%) hold MBA degrees
  • Of the MBA’s, exactly 50% went to Harvard Business School, 16% to Wharton, 18% to Columbia and 10% to U Chicago
  • 3% hold doctorate degrees
  • Surprisingly, only 5% hold law degrees


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