Noah Kagan: Always Be (Side) Hustling


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Early on in my startup journey I was introduced to Noah Kagan while he was working on a consulting business. Noah then introduced me to Hiten (startups were a much smaller world back then). Noah is a fascinating guy, marketing guru and writes a great blog.

One of things that has always impressed me about Noah is that he loves to tinker and run business experiments. Always be side hustling!

I’m the same way. I get really excited and about new ideas and relish the opportunity to brainstorm and validate new side projects.

Noah recently published a YouTube video that I loved (just disregard the clickbait-y title!).

In the video Noah goes through his history of side hustles and business experiments. He worked on over 20 different ideas before finding his biggest success with AppSumo.

Noah’s story is a great example of how there are no overnight successes. You can create your own luck by constantly trying new things and not being afraid to fail.

As many venture capitalists like to say: you only need to be right once.


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