Addendum to our 2.0 Campus Rankings

Looks like a few people have taken note of our 2.0 rankings posted the other day.

I am including a bit more information here:

How are these rankings different from other rankings? Technology-On-Campus isn’t about what it used to be about. “Others” rank schools based on ’most wired’: looking at the number of computers per student and wifi access. Times have changed – technology is no longer about hardware.

Why are these rankings important? These ranking are important because they represent campuses that are staying current with new media. How a school uses technology to engage its community is equally as important as its on-campus facilities. You only spend four years on campus, but you are a graduate for life. Schools promoting new technology will be the future leaders

A link to a cleaner version of the rankings can be found here and we will soon have a much more professional version ready, since apparently posting rankings in a “blog” isn’t official enough!


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