Monday Doldrums? Not Today!

Monday Doldrums Not Today!

Some big things are happening in the news today“ things worth paying attention to.

  1. Barack Obama, a democratic Senator has officially announced he ‘might’ run for president
  2. John R. Bolton is stepping down from his post as Ambassador to the United Nations
  3. Yahoo! & Reuters have announced a partnership to bring Citizen Media to the next level

And for entertainment, thanks to Brad Feld’s blog, Feld Thoughts, I got a good tip off for a 24 Season 6 Preview. One blog has a trailer for the new season, and as Brad Feld points out, the countdown now stands at 45 days until Jack is back. Be sure to check out the use of product placement…this is where marketing is heading…free to watch on, but not exactly ad-free.

jack bauer


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