2.0 Campuses: The Top 10

After doing some research IntelliGrad has arrived at what we believe to be the first 2.0 Campus Rankings. We base these results on numerous factors including: innovation of alumni, innovative use of technology in teaching, school size, school location, entrepreneurship/web-related course offerings, ’wiredness,’ endowment and number of students, student voice/engagement. Please take this with a grain of salt“ we invite comments, feedback and suggestions. I’m sure we have missed some great schools

1. U. Cal Berkley: Use of iTunes University, It’s own YouTube Page, 1st? college to offer a GoogleVideo page, alumni social networks, webcast courses
2. Stanford: Strength of entrepreneurship/engineering program, iTunes U, RSS, innovative alumni, patent collaboration
3. University of Arizona: Collaborative effort with IBM to offer web marketing/community/2.0 courses, McGuire Center for Entrepreneurship, ASU blogs and wikis
4. MIT: World Video Index, MIT OpenCourseWare, strength of engineering and business school offerings
5. University of Phoenix: One of the first online universities, U Phoenix is redefining education. Innovation of technology and education, selection of course offerings
6. New Jersey Institute of Technology: You may not have heard of them, but NJIT makes tremendous use of technology and is home to the best blog on higher ed technology: Serendipty35. Use of Wikis, iTunes U/Podcasts, RSS
7. Dartmouth College: Online social network, RSS, entrepreneurship network, student voice platforms, interactivity of school website, use of wifi
8. Carnegie Mellon University: Course offerings in social networking, ? internet security. Strength of engineering program, use of wikis, interactivity of website
9. Tufts: Use of wikis/blogs, Strength of student voice and communications platforms, accessibility of media, collaboration
10. Boston College: use of Wikis, collaborative forums, courses addressing 2.0 concepts, iTunes, entrepreneurship

Honorable Mentions:
Houston State University: Early embrace of VoIP technology
Community College: Audio reviews for midterms


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